Shopfitting Services

Design & Approval

Our in-house design services provide clients with opportunities to suit their particular circumstances and business needs. We employ our team of drafters and interior designers, as well as cooperating with group of architects and engineers to provide full Design-Construct projects. All in-house CAD drafting software combined with the latest and most sophisticated joinery optimisation and nesting program (Microvellum).

3D rendering has become integral to communicate project ideas with clients, this allows us to integrate the final appearance into the models and animations with effects such as shading, texture-mapping, shadows, reflections and motion blurs. Renders take a technical design and transforms them to real-life situations which help convey how your project will translate into the real-life experience. Our clients can see their chosen design long before the project actually gets built.

Council/development approvals can be a daunting and stressful task, especially for clients who have never done it before. Our specialist team can develop, review and submit all kinds of applications and reports. We engage local Private Certifiers and Planning Specialists to insure that the development approval is processed smoothly and promptly, saving valuable time and stress for our clients.

Retail / Commercial Fitouts

At Motyl Shopfitters over the past year we have developed many long-lasting partnerships with our clients based on same and very simple principle: no job is too small or too big for us. And every time we commit to something, we put in relentless effort to exceed the clients expectations.

“Under promise and over deliver” is the simplest way we can describe our wholistic approach to shopfitting projects. Changing site conditions, client expectations and budgets, supply challenges and contractor management is what we thrive and feel most comfortable in. Whether its a small kiosk in your local shopping centre or newly build multi storey shopping complex, we are keen to deliver the same excellent quality shopfitting solutions.

We provide complete construction services for any scale of project. Motyl Group specializes in the hospitality sector with many satisfied owners of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other food outlets. Over the years, our loyal clients have returned to us in appreciation of the quality and dedication to what we do.

Retail brands on a national scale have utilised our services across all types of trade from homeware, fashion to jewellery and luxury cosmetic brands. Our clients and architects have been part of our journey since the beginning and we strive to impress them every time we embark on new projects, believing that honesty, effort, care and passion will be appreciated, if not by all then some at least.

Project Management

Our team of dedicated Project Managers is actively engaged with every client to drive and deliver the best possible outcome to meet the budget and time frames. Our clients are always kept up to date with project progress, costs, management issues and any unforeseen situation which may arise during the fitout. Every project has its own manager who take cares of smooth procurement, deliveries, trade coordination and quality assurance.

At the end of the project, they ensure the final certification of all services before completing the hand over in person. Our handover process is standardised, so everyone is on same page, and we build on years of experience when it comes to professional hand over of the project. Our motto for all of our PM’s has always been the same:

“Sometimes we compromise on price, but we never compromise on quality”


Our in-house design services allow us to provide clients with the opportunity to amend the design to suit their particular circumstances and business needs. We employ a team of drafters, interior designers and cooperate with a group of architects and engineers to provide full Design-Construct projects. All in-house CAD drafting software combined with the latest and most sophisticated joinery optimisation and nesting program (Microvellum).

This approach allows us to have full control over costs, time frames, methodology and quality of build. From simple desks and shelving systems through to upholstery, acrylic fabrication and intricate and hand-crafted joinery, everything is created in our factory here in Ridleyton, SA. Motyl Group employs over 30 full time highly qualified specialists like joiners, carpenters, cabinetmakers across our facilities.

Apart from a dedicated group of loyal employees, our machinery is our strongest source of pride. We have invested, and continue to invest, in the best brands of machinery, in partnership with house names like Microvellum and Biesse, our expertise in manufacturing has unparalleled level of sophistication, efficiency and safety across all departments. Utilising the latest technology in software, machinery, and safety processes, Motyl have what it takes to succeed in the most challenging tasks in commercial fitouts.

SA Lotteries

Motyl Shopfitters have been appointed as an accredited contractor for the South Australian branch of The Lotto (Australia’s Lotteries) in recognition of our outstanding services within the shopfitting market. We provide complete fitouts of new retail outlets, or minor facelifts to existing facilities across the state. Our Lottery branch of Motyl Shopfitters Pty Ltd, with experienced staff and proven track history, is always on standby ready to assist.

Together with a complete design & construction package, our clients can rest assured that any project will be held to the high standards and professionalism. We understand that time is everything when it comes to minor facelifts in the existing retail environment. If requested, Motyl can provide options of “after hours” works where disruption to trade is minimal during the construction phase.

Please contact us directly with your enquiries either through our website or by phone.

Other Services

Insurance Work

At Motyl we understand how stressful and expensive it can be to suddenly face unexpected disruption to your business. For that reason, we provide all aspects of insurance work no matter how small, so our clients can quickly operate after accidental damages occur to their businesses. From break ins and acts of vandalism to flood and fire damages, we provide quick temporary solutions or complex and extensive repairs to the property so our customers can focus on getting back on track without unnecessary waste of time and resources.

Demolition Work

Motyl Shopfitters provide services limited to demolition works only. So called “making good”, shop front hoardings, cleaning vacant premises in a safe and professional manner is as important and complex as new fitouts. With the latest in waste management, sustainability and recycling processes, Motyl Shopfitters can take care of everything at the end of the lease, or simply the refurbishment of existing premises.

Property Maintenance

Every property requires maintenance, or in any event of a breakdown, quick and immediate rapid response, so we have expanded our services to cover that field as well. Over the years, Motyl Shopfitters has built the reputation of a reliable and trusted group of professional trades as well as “Mr. Fix It” for any situation which may arise. If something is broken or needs service, you can be assured that it will be done in a fast and professional manner.

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