Motyl’s Way

“I strongly believe that to achieve high customer satisfaction you must add something which cannot be bought or measure with money, and that is Honesty, Passion and Integrity.

Tomasz Molczyk, Director

The Motyl Difference

Operating across the full spectrum of the commercial fitout market we are entrusted to deliver projects ranging in size and complexity for clients across Australia. We believe that transparency and trust are the pillars of business relationships and strongest source of customer satisfaction. Our latest addition to customer experience is new management software system which makes us unique among competition. Each of our clients has granted access from his tablet or desktop to theirs projects through NEXVIA portal. Allowing our clients live inside to what is happening at any given time across all facets of the project. Through our portal as a client, you have access to dates, program progress, procurement process, production and of course costings.

We believe that transparency will help us build solid and long-lasting relationships with customers who can trust our expertise and professionalism. At Motyl we strongly feel that each client deserves to know when and how his money is spend regardless of size or type of the project as we have nothing to hide and our operations across the project are scrutinise by clients. That approach has come from strong believe that it will help us to improve and perfect all we do.

Motyl’s Process

Sales & Estimating

Our market position has been enhanced by the collaborative working partnerships that we have developed with our Clients over many years. Our full time Technical Sales and Estimating team are always on hand to advise Clients on project costs. The process is to evaluate project design details, along with procurement and production timescales for any specialist items.

Design Delivery

Our 7 strong Technical and Design Team has collective experienced gained from many different backgrounds in our field of interior fit out. Throughout the design development process, client decisions can be assisted by producing 3D rendered images to visualise initial concepts and progress them to detailed design sign off, making a seamless transition from screen to site.


Our team of purchase officers, Project and Contract managers starts with identifying long lead time materials to assess time frame restrains and solutions. Our internal materials library consists of more that 10,000 different products from over 300 local, national and international suppliers which allows us to confidently source best products within scope and budget on time.


All what we produce is made locally in South Australia which makes it perfect hub place for Australia wide projects. from simple desks and shelving systems through upholstery and acrylic fabrication to intricate and hand-crafted joinery. Utilising the latest technology in software, machinery, and safety processes Motyl Group have all what it required to undertake the most challenging tasks in commercial fitouts.

Project & Site Management

It is our standard practice to produce a programme for client approval, detailing lead times, manufacture, interface with other trades, health & safety and testing and commissioning. This ensures delivery of mutual objectives and that all relevant health & safety and environmental documentation is in place, in advance of our on-site start date.

Site Deliveries

Motyl Group operate a just in time delivery policy, meaning that goods are delivered to site, just as they are installed. This policy means that our products are not left unattended on site, where damage is likely to occur. As SJG have our own internal logistics and delivery team, we can accommodate site requirements where possible. Motyl can also offer storage facilities at our premises.


Installation methodologies are tried and tested but can be specifically tailored to meet the operational and technical intricacies of each project. Quality benchmarks are set by the Project Manager and Site Manager on a daily basis to ensure continuity of quality. As standard Motyl prepare an O&M Manual and As Built Drawings for each project completed, which is handed over the Client team at handover stage of the project.


At Motyl, we understand the fact that the completion of your project is just the beginning of the journey for our clients. To make sure that this journey will be uninterrupted and smooth, our Motyl team takes care of any defects rectification, final project report, audit and testing of all services. Upon completion documentation pack including warranties and manuals are handed over to our clients with detailed After Care schedules and obligation.


Today Motyl Group employs number of fulltime employees and casual staff, we train and provide learning opportunities to number of apprentices and over 40 sub-contractors is cooperating with Motyl Shopfitters on regular basis. Our production capabilities have now increased to two separate factories in Brompton and shopfitting division in Ridleyton with state-of-the-art machinery, software, and technology.

Our team of dedicated professionals with years of experience in shopfitting industry as well as joinery, carpentry have built its reputation on passion, hard work and focus on delivering on time and on budget.

Our South Australian based factory with a floor space and production process systems in place allows us to accommodate even the biggest of projects. Everything is manufactured here, locally in Ridleyton, SA with ability of our clients to inspect, see and discuss their project components as they are built in our factory.

Our transport fleet will deliver components to every town in Australia in fast, safe and professional manner.

Through our multi-disciplinary services spanning from design, engineering, structural steel, carpentry, electrical and plumbing services to joinery our team of in-house experts are on hand when they are needed most; able to bring their industry knowledge and experience to problem solve even in the most challenging of situations. Utilising the latest software in estimating, project planning, manufacturing and costs management made us unique.


We believe that construction industry communities have the power to drive sustainability forward in the built environment. Our corporate strategy includes focusing on environmental and community initiatives, as well as embedding sustainability values into our business operating practices and products. Working together, we`ll all create a greener future.

Manufacturing Technology

Motyl Group brings engineering expertise and ingenuity to our manufacturing process in order to reduce waste and improve efficiency. We use sophisticated software to maximize usage of every board and minimise wastage. We also monthly monitor % of waste to usable materials in order to maintain our targets for this year and beyond.

All that let Motyl Group accomplish our own targets and excide industry standards when it comes to fossil fuel energy use and recycling materials levels. We believe that investment in ecology is the most important challenge for any manufacturing business across Australia and we are extremely proud of level of sustainable production we have accomplished in the past 2 years.


Motyl Group has recognised importance of sustainable and ecological friendly approach to our environmental challenges in 21st century. In line with latest in technology in 2018 we have invested in renewable energy systems by installing 46kW solar panels in our Brompton factory. Today after methodical process of finding best way of energy use, we are proudly from Motyl`s 0 net emission when it comes to energy.

Waste Management

Motyl have also cooperate with range of suppliers and in 2020 started program of complete recycle of our production waste in particle boards. All our off cuts and other materials are separated and sorted for our suppliers to collect and re-use again in manufacturing board related product. Our landfill waste has been reduced from 40% to just over 3% of our total waste mass.

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