We provide custom-made joinery products and related services to the Australian commercial construction industry.

Architectural and custom made joinery is an integral component of any corporate workspace, office, medical, retail, residential and educational interior environment. When designed and built for purpose, custom joinery can significantly influence the overall appearance and user function of interior spaces.

At Motyl Interiors we assist our clients to develop custom joinery for commercial interior environments of any scale. Our key strengths of industry experience, responsiveness, people and relationships allow us to accurately manufacture and deliver custom joinery and related items for our clients.

Our History

In 2010, with more than twenty years of practical experience in the commercial furniture industry, Tomasz Molczyk decide to open his own small business as a subcontractor carpenter / joiner. Very soon first clients start offering him complete projects for constructing small food outlets in local shopping centres and Motyl Interiors was founded.

As an effective and multi-skilled work group that encourages initiative and teamwork, Motyl Interiors has grown into a strong, competitive, and profitable organisation. Within the commercial building industry Motyl Interiors has developed a reputation based on our manufacturing intelligence, commitment to detail, high quality and problem-solving capabilities, all this with pragmatism and principle of “common sense approach”.

Commencing operation from a 350sqm factory in Hendon, Motyl Interiors owner understood the importance of building long-term relationships on the principles of service, trust and reliability. In 2015 Motyl Interiors moved into its current 1000sqm production facility in Brompton to accommodate growth and increased market share. Since then Motyl Interiors achieved a tremendous increase in client demand for it's services.

In 2019 Motyl Interiors has been transformed into Motyl Group and 3 separate divisions of operations. Motyl interiors with his core commercial joinery portfolio, Motyl Shopfitting as sole retail and hospitality construction services provider and Motyl Property with portfolio of investment properties in residential and commercial sector were joined under one banner of Motyl Group.

Today Motyl Group employs over 30 fulltime, permanent employees, number of casual staff, apprentices and over 40 sub-contractors ranging from demolition crews to highly specialised designers and software consultants. Our production capabilities have now increased to two separate factories in Brompton and Ridleyton with state-of-the-art latest machinery, software and technology. With all that we have built a solid foundation and we are able to look into the future with more confidence than ever before.


How Things Work

Comprehensive Estimates

When a potential contract is introduced to Motyl Interiors we begin by understanding the design intent of the project as a whole. On most projects this involves communicating with the client, builder or designer to explore the concept and break down the design elements into build-able items. We also consider the timeline of a project and our own resources to ensure we can commit to a delivery date.

Once we have an understanding of the project, we utilise our manufacturing experience and intelligent project management system BASENINE to estimate the work. Because of our commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction, estimates include all specified finishes and any foreseeable problem solving costs. Our detailed approach ensures a comprehensive estimate for our clients.

Fundamental Planning

Once a project is awarded to Motyl Interiors our team begins securing specified products and raw materials from suppliers. Simultaneously our project team begins converting architect drawings and optimising designs for production. During this stage we aim to work in collaboration with clients and designers to produce products that are both aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

MOTYL INTERIOR places a high importance on the planning stage of every project. Taking an accurate and detailed approach in preparation for production. Supported by our internal software system, we can collaboratively manage projects between departments in real-time. Our systems and processes have been designed to help us communicate clearly with clients and achieve an efficient production process.

Efficient Production

Beginning the production process, current projects are optimised for our skilled team members and machinery resources utilising our internal project management system. The optimisation process allows us to run multiple projects at different production stages simultaneously, which increases our efficiency.

As the project enters production, our systems and planning ensure team cohesion, focus and on-time delivery. At Motyl Interiors our production and on-site trades people are highly experienced and multi-skilled. With our resources, Motyl Interiors has the ability to manufacture and install a consistently high-standard product that retains its value. We believe our finished product and related services are the reason we are renowned for great project results in the commercial industry.

Our Clients


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